Dell Alienware 15 Review

Alienware is an attempt to make their products sleek and slim have decided to redesign them. They have now made their 18-inch model to 17 inch one and 14 inch one a 15 inch one. Along with these they have also added a brand new 13 inch Alienware which saw its day of light last year.

In terms of the specification Alienware has installed the latest inter processor, along with a good graphic card. There is also a good quality screen making it one of the most premium laptops in the market. Along with this all the Laptops also supports ALienware’s new graphic amplifier which can provide the much needed boost to enhance the graphic by attaching a external box.

Alienware 15

If there is one factor on to which Alienware has never let its products down is in terms of the design, and same is the case with Alienware 15. The signature of this model is the well-used combination of aluminum and carbon fiber in the construction along with the much loved Alien-head on the front of the Laptop.

To give the users a sense of class and quality, Alienware has put in some of sharp edges and a complete aluminum back to provide laptop decent looks and along with keeping the sci fi flavor of the laptop.

There are also plenty of lights to boost up the styling of the laptop. The Alienhead on the top lip with couple of this angled strips and another couple of strips in the front edge, back-lit keyboard and the track pad surface also glows to provide the perfect illumination. All of these are independent control so that they can be customized according to the liking of the user.

In terms of dimension the laptop is 385.8×270.2x34mm in size and weighs about 3 Kg without power supply. Weight is something which you will notice weather you are carrying it in hand or on back. The design of the laptop is very robust which means that it can be used fairly roughly.

Alienware 15 Features

Priced at £1099 the laptop is loaded with Intel Core i5 4210H processor and has 8Gb’s RAM. There is a 1 TB of hard disk and has Nvidia Ge Force GTX 965M graphic card in it. The specification also rise to Intel Core i7 processor with 128GB SSD and 1 TB of HDD with GeForce GTX 970M. Top end model will cost £1322.

Alienware Display

All the models are loaded with a 1920 x1080 IPS display with matte finish and anti-glare. This is a ultra HD display and can be updated to 4k at extra cost. The best part about the matte finish is that it will instantly remove all the reflection and provide a very solid image and tight pixel structure. Viewing angles are also very good.

In terms of batter backup alien ware has a battery which will last up to 5 hours and 30 minutes which includes browsing, and video playback. This is not world class but it does outpace majority of its competitors.

Overall it’s a very decent product and one of the best premium 15 inch laptops in the market. It can give you best in class portability with world class design and looks.

Pros and Cons


· Gamer oriented design

· Good Built quality

· Excellent Performance

· Good Value for money


· Weak Speaker Bass

· NO Optical drive

· Heavy and fairly Thick