The Best Gaming PC

With so many choices to compare from and different options to weigh, people find it quite hard to find the best gaming PC. Various companies offer a combination of intermingled assets to the user and with upgrades announced by each technology division regularly, any gaming PC is likely to get outdated.

However, there are some companies which offer people with the best gaming PC which are quite future-proof. A list of the top PCs which people can compare in 2017 are given below. Remember that these PC’s have been selected to be in this list due to their superior gaming abilities.

Best Gaming PCs

1. Syber Steam Machine X

This PC differs from the remaining PCs as the user gets a box which may be installed next to a Television or projector without hassles. This PC also features Valve’s Steam Operating System which has been developed from ground up to encourage users to use their PC’s for gaming as well as other daily activities. This machine is quite favored amongst gamers due to its silent performance and attractive appearance. With the welcome features for different consoles, this machine has been chosen the best machine by many lists.

2. Origin Chronos

This PC is a wonderful machine which comes in a compact size and six different colors or laser etched designs for the user to choose from. The machine consists of wonderful features despite its size. The features included in Chronos include an Intel Core i7-4770K processor and 4 Gigabytes of RAM. This PC displays a wonderful 4.2 Gigahertz of processing speed and also has Nvidia’s GTX 980 graphics card.

3. Velocity Micro Z55

This PC does not feature much in looks and has often been criticized for its plain appearance. However, the Z55 doesn’t lack anywhere in the punch of power it offers. With amazing features and components, this PC is definitely one of the machines to look out for in the best gaming PC list. This PC does not offer the user with a very advanced chassis design or add on features but provides them raw power which is worth every penny.

4. Digital Storm Bolt II

This PC has immense amount of power in a small package which makes it a good competitor of Chronos. The Bolt II machine also features an innovative and advanced cooling system which reduces the heat quickly even during tough usage and heavy gaming. This machine is quite small in size and fills up all the requirements on paper performance-wise.

5. Northwest Falcon Tiki

With epic high class looks, this PC certainly calls attention for. This PC looks like it has been specially customized for gamers and consists of all the detailed features a gamer could wish for. The only reason for this PC to be less bought is because of the price. This PC sets you back by a good amount and is the highest priced on this list. Although the price may seem high, the looks and performance more than worth the money.


Anyone can make a good choice for PC by looking at a few important things:

Graphics: The graphics card is a very good idea for measuring the performance of PC in a package. Good graphics cards often feature appreciable supporting hardware as well. While Nvidia Titan X is at the top of the line, the AMD Radeon R7 250 is something which comes cheap but can only be trusted to do certain things.

Processor: Intel processors are always better than AMD processers on most occasions. AMD processors on the other hand are rather preferred by gamers when choosing best gaming PC because not only do they come cheaper but they also handle the job perfectly unless you are going after 3D modeling or video rendering.

· Storage & RAM: The RAM is quite simple to choose as it generally comes in the DDR3 variant with 4 speeds namely 1600, 1866, 2133 and 2400 MHz. People who are going for hardcore gaming can choose 8 GB 2400MHz RAM for running any game and 16GB for getting into higher configurations.
The storage options are quite simple, the HDD or the hard disk drive is a larger and less expensive form of storage option but is slower to operate. The Solid State Drive (SSD) is the newest flash based solution for memory in PCs which helps increase the speeds of the computer. People are suggested to use a combination of both types of storage options for getting the best gaming PC.

· Design: The design does not matter much unless you are planning to show the PC to other people. On the interior although, having a good cooling system is quite necessary to dissipate the heat quickly.

· Warranty: Check out the warranty options being offered by different manufacturers for each PC. Often there are options available for extended warranty which can safeguard your PC against any hazards.